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Welcome to the African ornithology listserv that seeks to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge on African birds. AFRICORN, created in December 2020, is an important platform that brings together students and researchers all over the globe and anyone interested in African ornithology to discuss and share knowledge on the biology of African birds. 

In addition, it serves as a channel for many other opportunities in this domain, such as conferences, workshops, job openings, scholarships, research collaborations, etc. As of Aug 2021, AFRICORN has more than 180 members from across Africa and the world, and is monitoring approximately 55 scientific journals that publish articles on African ornithology. 

We aim to provide up-to-date information on African birds and to provide a platform for discussions on current threats to birds of Africa in light of unprecedented habitat modifications and complete loss to wide-spread and massive land conversions to industrial agricultural ventures, mining, to name a few. We intend to make AFRICORN the place where people meet and exchange ideas on future research that aim to foster conservation efforts, provide possible solutions to empower local students and scientists and help strengthen Africa’s capacity to lead and conduct research on African birds. 

If you wish to join this rapidly growing community of enthusiasts who are committed to the cause of understanding and conserving Africa’s phenomenal bird diversity, or are interested in monitoring a journal for the listserv, please email us at


Artwork: Kowo Cyril
Artwork was inspired by AFRICORN but does not represent an official logo.