Biodiversity surveys in Gran Caldera Luba

BI researchers are conducting mammal camera trap surveys in Gran Caldera Luba, a lush volcanic caldera that is designated as a scientific reserve on Bioko Island. The reserve hosts some of most pristine forests and highest primate diversity in Africa but is currently under threat to due new roads being built that increased access to hunters.

During BI’s 2016 season, they captured exciting images of endangered monkeys including Bioko Drill monkeys, Bioko Pennant’s Red Colobus monkeys, and Bioko Black Colobus monkeys, along with nocturnal primates like galagos, or bush-babies. BI also documented unique African mammals such as Central African Oyans, duikers, and a pangolin. Camera traps even captured pictures of rare birds! These images are not only fun to look at, but will be used by BI scientists to evaluate wildlife community differences within the pristine Caldera and surrounding areas more impacted by human activities. Research in Gran Caldera Luba is being conducted in partnership with scientists from Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program.