Equatorial Guinea Mammals

Mainland Equatorial Guinea’s wildlife includes endangered African mammals such as western lowland gorilla, central chimpanzee, and forest elephants.

In addition to these well-known and charismatic animals, Equatorial Guinea is home to many other species under threat from habitat loss and illegal bushmeat hunting. For instance, the Congo clawless river otter, a resident of Equatorial Guinea’s primary forests, was recently upgraded from ‘least concern’ to ‘near-threatened’ on the IUCN Redlist due to habitat loss and persecution.

Even populations of common species, such as duiker, are subjects of increasing concern due to heavy hunting pressure in combination with habitat loss on mainland Equatorial Guinea.

BI is using a range of technology and research on its expeditions to understand the magnitude human activities have on Equatorial Guinea mammal diversity. Our 2016 pilot year using camera traps was wildly successful, helping us to establish the following research objectives: